Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taylor Swift on New Album

TS: Well, I figure that if he’s heading into the relationship knowing that he’s going to do something bad for me to write a song about, then that’s probably not someone I want to be interested in anyway.

ELLE: Do you have any boy drama to write about on your next album?

TS: There are definitely breakup songs on this record, but not too many. I like to balance out the amount of happy songs, breakup songs, sentimental songs, I-miss-you songs, angry songs. I don’t want to try and harp on the same emotion too much because I feel like if you make the “angry” album, that’s going to lose people.

ELLE: Who would you love to work with?

TS: John Mayer. He Twittered the other day that he wrote a song and he wants to make it a duet with me. I freaked out when I heard, because I’ve been such a big fan of John for such a long time. I’m really excited about just the idea that he would even mention me in his Twitter!

Source: Elle