Monday, June 1, 2009

Zac Efron would play a girl to be in the same movie with Vanessa

Zac Efron desperately wants to be in girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens' new film, Sucker Punch. However, Zac told E! News: 'I think it's an all-girl movie. But if there's any way to be in that film, I'd do it. I'd play a girl if I had to.'

Vanessa said she is hoping to channel some Angelina Jolie for her action- packed work in Sucker Punch. 'I'm so stoked about it. I kept telling everyone, 'I want to do an action film.' But they were like, 'Maybe in a few years.' So I'm like, 'Ha, in your face. I am doing one now!'' She will shoot Sucker after finishing Beastly, which she starts filming this week in Montreal.

[Source: OU]

Vanessa Hudgens action movie ! I wanna watch (: I'd wanna see Zac in it !