Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Day with Honor Society

It was a day-long hustle for rising pop-rock band Honor Society, when gave them a camera to document every detail of a day during their Los Angeles tour stop. Check out the video (above) of the boys visiting KTLA 5 for their fifth ever live television performance, Wishbone studios to record a Christmas song for Hollywood Records, and finally to the world premiere of Summit Entertainment’s “Bandslam,” in which they have a song.

New Jersey’s Andrew Lee, Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen and Alexander Noyes are a part of the Jonas Brothers World Tour, opening for the sibling sensation that harks from the same state as Honor Society. Referring to themselves as the Justin Timberlake rock project, Rolling Stone magazine calls Honor Society a breakout band to watch. The band’s debut album comes out Sept. 15, and their core audience are many Jonas crossovers whose tastes are maturing, and Honor Society delivers for them.

Along with the Jonas Brothers tour, they are playing smaller venues throughout the country on their own Full Moon Crazy Tour. For more information on when Honor Society is coming to YOUR city, visit their official website or Myspace!