Sunday, August 9, 2009

JBWT 8/7/09 LA Staples Center

last night was amazing (:
blasted JB on the way to the concert.
honked at a jillion cars that were decked out in "HONK FOR JB" ahhha (:
got a picture with jordin sparks & JB, no, not green screen silly!
free BK apple fries, BK JBWT specialized crown.
got on the verizon recording bus.
"yes, nick touched everything on this bus." AHHAHA
taylor swift, fergie, & a bunch of other artists also recorded on that bus.
met one of my youtube friends! that was awesome.
too many people were wearing neon hannah montana-like skirts.
totally did the honor roll FULL OUT when honor society sang see u in the dark :]
wondergirls! heheheh
saw david henrie- he was so cute(: wore a backwards grey cap. caught him covering his ears as his reaction to 4959857425 screaming fans, haha
also saw debby ryan & aly&aj.
tried to make our way over to them, but got stopped by security D:
chelsea staub & tiffany thorton made an entrance right in front of my section, so saw them really clearly !
later found out emma roberts, anna marie, and alot of other people were also there.
our seats were much closer than i thought it would be!
360 stages rockkkk.
mostly kevin was on our side, lemme just say he's SO HOT now.
especially in person.
joe messed up BB Good lyrics :)
& he said "i don't wanna hurt anybody, i just wanna love somebody" AW ..
joe&nick NAILED much bettter flips. joe spun over the mikestand, nick landed his flip perfectly, didn't fall! the huge disco ball was awesome.
kevin started talking about playing a song off the new album "before the storm" so everyone thought miley was gonna come on stage, but it never happened -_- but there's a rumor that miley was there too.
another girl with a do you like ham? poster. lmao.
fly with me was super magical. nick's innocent face while playing piano? priceless.
played JB clips/commercials on the biggest tv in the world. pretty awesome.
almost got sprayed wtih white foam during live to party ): but joe & kevin got on the mechanical arm, so joe was SUPER close. saw those cannons up close.
jordin sparks killed. the crowd went insane for "no air." she's fierce.
joe's tambourine is gone :[ i loved that thing.
lovebug was the sweetest thing. with kevin walking in the rain & stuff.
it started raining hearts, JB signs, LOVEBUG, & all that stuff. so cute <3 center =" not">