Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't Forget Deluxe Edition

Demi Lovato is set to release a Deluxe Edition of her debut album Don't Forget on March 31. The limited edition CD+DVD will include 2 brand new tracks. The DVD Experience features 'Don't Forget' live performance, 'La La Land' and 'Get Back' music videos, Demi in the studio, behind the scenes at Jonas Brothers' Burnin' Up tour, photo slideshow and more! Deluxe Edition Track Listing: 1. LA LA LAND 2. GET BACK 3. TRAINWRECK 4. PARTY 5. ON THE LINE 6. DON'T FORGET 7. GONNA GET CAUGHT 8. TWO WORLDS COLLIDE 9. THE MIDDLE 10. UNTIL YOU'RE MINE 11. BELIEVE IN ME *Bonus Tracks* 12. BEHIND ENEMY LINES 13. LO QUE SOY
*ALSO: The first episode of Sonny with a Chance is up on iTunes now. it's FREE! Or, you could wait till the premiere to see it. The episode is called "Sketchy Beginnings"