Monday, February 2, 2009

JB Important Updates !

  • Great job everyone! The first FFE project ends at midnight PST on Sunday, March 1! Check out new actions, more on the FFE Community Week, exclusive content, and details on how the Impact Score works — all coming very soon!
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  • There was a commercial that aired today about the Jonas Brothers. They were saying how they will be “hosting” 90210 on Tuesday, February 10th and during the commercial breaks they will be showing parts from their movie, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience!
  • The online teen magazine, Portrait, featured the Jonas Brothers on their February 2009 issue due to the high demand! They said, “We’ve got an article on the band and how successful they’ve come with lots of pictures, wallpapers and a puzzle.”.
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  • Hey guys! There’s a RUMORED release date for Camp Rock 2 due to news on iTouch to be released in theaters June 17, 2009. While highly unlikely due to the fact that they haven’t started filming yet and won’t happen until late this year. So maybe, the movie will be released around THAT TIME but NEXT YEAR. So don’t believe this!
  • The new CD is out for the Grammy Nominees of 2009 with the Jonas Brothers’ Burnin’ Up! Go pick it up at your local Target or wherever you purchase your CD’s.
  • Tigerbeat magazine - Hey guys! I just visited Anna Maria Perez de Tagle on the set of her newest movie Fame! You know Anna Maria from the TV show Hannah Montana and also as super funny Ella in Camp Rock. Well, Fame is her very first big screen project and she’s so excited! It’s about a group of kids who attend a performing arts school and follow their dreams. Her character’s name is Joy, an aspiring actress. I can’t tell you too much yet, but I did get lots of juicy tidbits and behind the scenes secrets from Anna - you’ll just have to keep checking Daily Dish as well as our magazines BOP and Tiger Beat.
    Anna Maria also told me what she’s been up to since making the hit movie Camp Rock last year. She recorded the song “Part Of Your World” for an upcoming Disneymania album that will be released later this year. I also got the dish on what’s going on with Camp Rock 2! Anna spilled that the entire cast will be back (OMJ!!!) and they’ll start filming at the end of 2009. Her pals the Jonas Brothers were super excited for Anna when she got cast in Fame; she told Nick about her casting via web chat.
  • They were not at a club. TMZ GOT IT WRONG. That was when Joe and Camilla were leaving the PREMIERE