Friday, February 6, 2009

JJJ Interview with Demi Lovato [Twilight, Miley Cyrus is her role model] is back with more
Demi Lovato! The 16-year-old has a lot to say about lil sis Madison De la Garza, chocolate chip cookies and body issues. Check it:
JJJ: In one of the opening scenes of Sonny, you’re at “Fasties.” Do you have a favorite fast food place?
DL: I don’t really like fast food, actually. The closet thing to fast food that I like is KFC and I don’t even like chicken! I like their mashed potatoes and their rolls, just because it’s Southern.
JJJ: What is your diet like? What kind of foods do you eat?
DL: I’m a really healthy eater! I should probably eat more because when you’re on the go, you just forget to eat. Every morning, I make sure I get my fruit in and I have a protein bar.For lunch, I’ll eat a salad but sometimes I forget to eat dinner. (JJJ Note: Eat your dinner, kiddies!!!) Oh, and I eat lots of sweets!
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JJJ: Which kind of cookies?
DL: Chocolate chip, only chocolate chip.
JJJ: There’s a lot of physical comedy on the show, like ketchup being thrown at you. Do you like that kind of comedy? When stuff is being thrown at you like those chicken nuggets or mustard?
DL: It’s funny, because you don’t really have to be that funny. So as long as something is being thrown at you, you don’t really have to try hard. So I guess I do like it! But what sucks is when they say ‘Cut!’ and you walk off set and you’re like, covered in egg salad, which was one of the first things I had thrown on me. I actually had an allergic reaction the day we shot that! I had to go home early because they couldn’t just cover me up with
makeup since I was red and itchy! I guess I was allergic to something in egg salad! But it was actually really funny and amusing
JJJ: Grady’s [Doug Brochu] butt winds up on the Internet in one ep of Sonny, which is “bad buttlicity.” What would you do if you found pictures of your butt on the Internet?
DL: Well, that would suck! Of course, I’ve never been in that position so I guess I would apologize. Many people have been through it, so…yeah. I don’t know!
JJJ: What happens when you see your friends in that situation? Do you sympathize? Do you get mad?
DL:Well, one of the questions earlier (with other media outlets) was about how I’m a role model, and how I feel about that. I feel that the best role models are the people who have been through so much. I don’t think people give other people, who go through things like that, enough credit, because you don’t learn anything from someone who doesn’t make mistakes. And also, young girls don’t have anyone to look up to right now. Like, what, someone who’s perfect? Someone who’s not real? That just makes them feel bad about themselves. I think that when girls can relate to someone who has been through a lot and has thick skin, they can look up to that person and become a stronger person because of them.
JJJ: Tell JJJ readers about your upcoming tour.
DL: Of course! I’ll be headlining an arena tour this summer… or maybe a theater tour, that’d be awesome too. It’s a lot of pressure to sell out arenas, I don’t know if i can do it. That’d be awesome, though. I’m actually re-releasing my album, the deluxe edition! There’s new songs on there, which I’m excited about. But I’m actually changing my sound of
music. This is something I really want to get out there. My life has changed for the better and I’ve become such a happy person! People might think that my style has changed because I’m falling into the whole Hollywood trap, but my style has become girlier, because I’ve become so girly and happy! It’s weird! I have more confidence now. I like to dress up, so my style has changed. It’s become more soulful rather than… rock and angry and mad. I’ve been listening to a lot of James Morrison, Jon McLaughlin and John Mayer. Those three have really influenced me. I want to go the more Duffy route…
JJJ: Who would you want as the opening act on your tour?
DL: It’d be a dream to have The Academy Is… but they’re not even in the same realm! But I think it’d be really cool to have The Veronicas. I toured with them this last summer and they opened up for me and the boys. They are really really sweet girls, so I think that’d be cool.
JJJ: Do you ever watch your sister on Desperate Housewives? Have you watched her on set?
DL: DUH! Every Sunday! No, I haven’t been to the set. It’s funny, I’ve never been to her set because I’m always doing my show. One day, I invited her (Madison De La Garza) to my set, and she said that she couldn’t make it that day. And when I asked her why, she was really hesitant. I was like, ‘What!’ and she said, ‘…I’m shooting my show.’ And I’m like ‘OH MY GOSH, it’s okay, do your thing!’ It’s funny.
JJJ: On Madison’s show, she plays a bit of an overweight girl. How do you think she’ll deal with body issues growing
up in Hollywood?
DL: You know what, I’m not a stick thin girl. I’m thin, but not stick thin, and I take unflattering pictures sometimes. I used to want to be super skinny. I used to wish I was one of the thin Hollywood girls, but I don’t find that attractive or pretty. If that’s not who you are, then you shouldn’t try to shape yourself into that. And my little sister has the type of body where she’s going to be really really tall. She’s going to stretch out when she gets to puberty, which is what I did. When I was on Barney, I was really heavy. Then I lost a lot of weight and I got taller. I hope that my little sister can see that. I mean, she’s gorgeous, and she knows she’s gorgeous, but I want her to know that when she’s my age, she doesn’t have to be stick thin. I think that a lot of girls actually respect me for not losing weight or anything like that. Even sometimes I accidentally lose weight on tour, just because I’m working out so much. My goal is to be healthy and to not make myself sick over it. I’m not trying to lose weight or anything like that. I just want to be myself!
JJJ: I heard you were a fan of Twilight, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
DL: I don’t know, I love Taylor [Lautner], so I don’t want to be Team Edward, but I love Edward’s character so I have to be. But yeah, Taylor is a really cool guy!
JJJ: What’s your favorite prop on the set of Sonny?
DL: In Tawni’s (Tiffany Thornton) dressing room, she has all this
lip gloss everywhere. So each day, we’ll come to rehearsal and always go to that mirror. If our lips get dry, we’ll actually use the lip gloss that’s sitting there. Because it’s nice! They actually have some expensive lip gloss sitting there. So we’ll use it, and there’s like a different color for each day. It’s funny!
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JJJ: As a girl, who do you look up to?
DL: I look up to Miley [Cyrus], to be honest…It’s because she has the thickest skin of anyone I know, and sometimes I’ll just go to her, like I’ll text her crying that this sucks, or whatever. She’s been through so much, yet she’s still so positive and so happy! It’s awesome.
JJJ: Are you still in school?
DL: I am actually about to graduate early. So I’m really focused on getting my schoolwork done. That’s why i don’t have my driver’s license, because I’ve been focusing on graduating before I start driver’s ed.
JJJ: What are your best and worst subjects in school?
DL: I used to think my worst subject was English, but now it’s ironic because I write music. And I’ve been doing really well in it, and I’ve been proud. But my favorite subjects are like, math and algebra. For some reason it’s always been easy for me. I finished Algebra 2 over the course of Camp Rock, which was like a month and a half. So the entire year of Algebra 2, I finished in a month and a half! (laughs) I’m just really focused.
JJJ: What’s a typical Lovato family night like? Do you guys
watch TV or play Rock Band?
DL: No Rock Band… but my mom, my sister are my guilty pleasure is reality TV. It’s sickening that we like that stuff. It’s like a train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off it!
JJJ: What shows do you watch?
DL: Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed! I have never admitted to this before, but I will actually watch Rock of Love and just laugh the whole time because it is so trashy! And also True Beauty, but that one’s not so bad. It’s also because I spend so much time reading and writing music that sometimes i have to force myself to watch TV. I just got a huge TV in my room, too, it’s one of my first big splurges. A 46 inch! In my room! It’s cool, but it’s always just sitting there and it’s never on. All I do is watch John Mayer
DVDs or scary movies. Other than that, I’ll just turn it on and I’m just like, I should watch some sort of television.