Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miley Cyrus: 'The Press Is Trying To Make Me The New 'Bad Girl' Now That Britney Is Back On Top Of Her Game'

Miley Cyrus new MileyWorld blog:

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update on whats going on in my life! Im still in Nashville, but Im heading back to LA tomorrow! Taylor and I rehearse together tomorrow in Nashville before the Grammys on Sunday! That is going to be so much fun! Ive had such a good time being home hanging out with my friend Lesley and just chillin' out! Its good to get away from it ALL every now and then! I couldnt of planned a better week to come back to Nashville! I cant believe all of the silly STUFF that has been put out in the press this week! It really makes me sad that people want to tear other people down just for the sake of magazine sells and hits on websites! Unfortunately, it seems like BAD is what sells! As for the shot of me taken outside of a dressing room, I wasnt aware that some creepy paparazzi was able to get a picture of me from where I was in the store. When did it become so out of control, that I cant come out of a dressing room to show my sister a shirt Im trying on? It seems to me there needs to be better laws and more boundaries on these photographers! Ive also been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, Im sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context! In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity! I was simply making a goofy face. When did that become newsworthy? It seems someone is trying to make something out of nothing to me. If that would of been anyone else, it would of been overlooked! I definitely feel like the press is trying to make me out as the new 'BAD GIRL'! I feel like now that Britney is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me! haha Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what is on my heart. You guys know me and have been by my side every step of the way! You guys know my heart and know the most important things to me are my friends, family, fans, and GOD! In NO WAY do I want to disappoint any of you! But, when I have made mistakes in the past, I feel like Ive owned up to them and apologized. Anyway, I really wish everyone would stop focusing on my personal life and get back to focusing on what I love! Music and Acting! Hopefully, I will be touring again this fall! Yayy! =] It will be a nice change to be back out on the road again! xoxo Blessings.. Miley =)