Monday, February 2, 2009

MTV on Jonas Brothers Nomination for Best New Artist

MTV reviews whether or not Jonas Brothers will win Best New Artist
for 2008 album A Little Bit Longer. Entertainment Weekly staff writer Leah Greenblatt told MTV News: 'I think that in another year, the Jonas Brothers probably would be considered too fluffy. But this year I think Adele and Duffy, who are both British singer/songwriters [and] kind of interchangeable, though very talented girls. They could really kind of steal it out from under those two because they're both kind of the front-runners, and they'll probably split the vote.'Strictly speaking, they're not very new. They're very young, but they're not the newest in that category. If anything hurts them, it's the fact that they were also superstars in 2007 and should have been nominated for this award last year.'LA Times writer Todd Martens: 'The JoBros should not be taken lightly. Despite their Disney connections and participation in 'Camp Rock' shenanigans, Disney has done a good of job of positioning the boys as the real deal. Additionally, the JoBros have managed to keep one foot in the teen-pop world, while still getting big-boy gigs such as performing on the MTV Video Music Awards, not to mention the Grammys.'