Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 5 Best Things About the Jonas Brothers New Video, "Tonight"

MTV Buzzworthy Blog-

Picking just five fantastic things about the Jonas Brothers’ new “Tonight” video is like trying to pick the PERFECT curl off of Kevin Jonas‘ head — it’s almost impossible because they’re pretty much all perfect. But five REALLY great things about “Tonight” are…
5.) JOE’S ROCK MOVES! They’re totally
Mick Jagger meets The Karate Kid, and they’re in FULL effect!
4.) Joe’s “Burnin’ Up” Shirt! Whether he’s talking about
the song or the book (or the FNMTV performance — more Jonas on FNMTV photos here and here, BTWs), he’s totally building the brand… AND living the dream.
3.) JONAS CHOPPER! There’s no better or faster way to spirit away three of the hardest-working brothers in the biz than by helicopter. It’s also the perfect place for a
Jonas power nap before it’s on to the next big gig.
SEGWAYS! Easier to use backstage than helicopters.
1.) Run, Jonas, Run! Between the brothers hauling butt and their fans giving chase, everyone’s putting in more miles than a pack of super-marathoners, all in the name of
OJD! (I should know, because I pretty much still have shin splints from running with them too!)