Sunday, March 1, 2009


Some scenes from the movie:

So I watched Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience opening weekend.

It was actually much better than I even expected !

Here's my top 5 best moments of JB 3D .
5. Pushin' Me Away
When I heard Pushin' Me Away on the soundtrack, I liked it more than the original. Especially cause the beginning's different, and Joe starts out by singing "Pushin' Me Away!!!" Joe starts "conducting" the orchestra, and it's soo SEXY! I just wanted to eat him :] And his "PUSHIN' ME AWAYYYY" moan was SOOOOO SEDUCING. So kudos to Joe for making Pushin' Me Away an unforgetabble scene!
4. S.O.S.
Kevin's S.O.S. dance helped S.O.S. score number four on my top 5 moments. The viewers WERE SCREAMINGGGGG on this part. I knew it was coming, so I watched intently and waited for his dance. WOW, this is another one of those scenes where it's better than going to an actual concert. It was so funny, seeing Kevin do his thing up close and having a blast!
3. Goodnight and Goodbye
The Jonas Brothers say that the 3D move is better than being front row at one of their concerts. Absolutely, not true. When you're at an actual concert, you know that the Jonas Brothers are ACTUALLY THERE. Though I didn't have front row seats to their concerts, I still enjoyed the actual concert A MILLION times more than the 3D movie. But this is one of the concert scenes from the movie, that really was better than the actual concert. For those who haven't seen the Goodnight and Goodbye performance, Nick and Joe do a couple stunts. REAL COOL STUNTS. When I was at the concert, I was screaming ALOT, but I had to admire their moves from afar. In 3D and on the big screen REAL CLOSE, the flips were so FLIPPIN' COOL. Also, when Joe and Kevin go back to back and moan, I ALWAYS LOVED THAT. And to see it upclose, I WAS SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF.

2. Dressing Room
Sure, I've seen this scene on my television at home on Access Hollywood. But believe me, seeing this scene on the big screen just leaves you SPEECHLESS. And it's sorta in 3D, so you could kinda feel them popping out at you while they change. Unfortunately, Nick didn't take his shirt off. YEah, BUMMER. But Joe, BAM! His muscles were like BAM!BAM!BAM! It's a completely different feel when you see them in the theatres. It was funny too, cause they were like at first, UH, we're changing on camera. Oh yes, the whole theatre was yelping at this part :)
1. Love Is On Its Way
It was bound to be the number one scene of the movie.
First, we see all these gorgeous pictures of the Jonas Brothers dressed all calm & peaceful & cute in the middle of a park on the grass with Nick playing a white piano. Then, we hear the actual song, which is officially now my favorite Jonas Brothers song, and has a peaceful, kind of Beatles, feel to it. The scenery was just perfect. And to add to the perfect landscaping, we see Joe as a policeman with a moustache, Nick riding a carriage, and Kevin selling hotdogs! Not to mention fourth Jonas, Frankie, running around with Taylor Swift! The scenery could not have been any more perfect. I was probably the only one in the theatre singing along to this scene, which made me really feel like a true Jonas fan. I was SCREAMING when they played their little characters. And also when I saw Frankie.

So honestly, if you haven't seen the movie yet. GO SEE IT! You will not regret it :) I know I'm watching it at least 2 more times !

THE BOYS DO NOT DESERVE TO BE UNDERESTIMATED FOR THEIR HARD WORK! Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience grossed an estimated $12.7 million Friday-Sunday, failing to live up to the multi-media hype, and failing to unseat Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail as the No. 1 movie at the weekend box office, reports E! Online.The band's movie not only didn't live up to initial projections, it didn't live up to downsized estimates following its underwhelming Friday debut. Box Office Mojo's Brandon Gray said, 'The Jonas Brothers did not live up to the hype. They were treated like the second coming of the Beatles, and they're not.' Madea Goes to Jail remained on top with $16.5 million, per estimates. Oscar-winner Slumdog Millionaire ($12.2 million) was in third, and poised to pass JB3D should the concert film again fail to meet projections.