Sunday, March 1, 2009


Jonas Brothers blog: It is Sunday morning here in the US and our first stop today was in Austin, Texas. We just left the theater and it was something we will never forget. We were so excited to visit this awesome city since it has such a great music community. The reaction here was incredible. The audience seemed very thankful that we chose to come here which was so exciting for us. We also heard that Cinema Score (a company that does exit polls as people leave theaters) gave our movie an A, which means that you, our fans, are loving the movie. That news made us feel so great since this film is for OUR FANS. Thanks again for all the love and support. JB Kevin, Joe and Nick.

Jonas Brothers blog: 4th STOP ON OUR THEATER TOUR INVASION: ATLANTA, GA We just finished a visit to 2 theaters in Atlanta, GA. Both stops were amazing. The fans were so happy and that is the reason we do what we do. It has been so cool to take a couple days and see our fans in THEIR home towns and neighborhood theaters. Thank you for all the wonderful comments about the movie. We are so glad you love it. One more city to visit tonight and then more tomorrow. Thanks for all the support this week. JB Kevin, Joe and Nick.

New blog: NEXT STOP ON OUR THEATER TOUR INVASION: CHARLOTTE, NC Hey everyone! We just finished the third stop on our 3D tour invasion! We stopped in Charlotte, NC, and the fans were amazing! They might have had the best reaction yet. By the time we left, there were already hundreds of people outside. We're on our way to the airport now to head to the next city. So make sure to find a local showtime, and be in your seats when the movie starts. You just never know where we might show up. Hope to see YOU soon! -JB Kevin, Joe and Nick P.S. Where do you think we're going now? : )

Jonas Brothers blog: 2nd STOP ON OUR THEATER TOUR INVASION Hey everyone! We just completed our 2nd stop on our JB 3D THEATER INVASION TOUR at the Palisades Mall in Nyack, NY. The great thing is that we used to live close to this mall and watched tons of movies here. The crowd went crazy.

It was so fun to see the joy on the faces of the fans! Now we are getting on the plane to travel to our next destination.. North? West? or South? Who knows? Hope we see you on our next stop! By the way..

We are hearing incredible reports from everywhere about sold out shows and excitement in the theaters (dancing, shouting, screaming, etc.) Thanks for all the great comments JB Kevin, Joe and Nick

Demi Lovato attended an exclusive screening of 'Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience' at Main Event Entertainment in Dallas, Saturday.

RUMOR: They're heading to Las Vegas or Arundel Mills, MD, Egyptian Theater.