Monday, February 9, 2009

51st Annual Grammy Awards

It was aired at the same time as Sonny With A Chance last night, but that's alright, cause i watched Sonny With A Chance online already :) So the Grammy's were pretty tight ! But Chris Brown & Rihanna couldn't perform their duet, since Chris was being arrested, & Rihanna was injured. Otherwise, it was good ! Unfortch, JB didn't win Best New Artist :( But that's arlighteee, cause i personally really love Adele, & JB does too !

Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus duet- "Fifteen"
I thought this was pretty funny, cause they were both ex- Jonas gf's, & Miley was fifteen when she dated Nick.
& "back then i swore i was gonna marry him someday"
&miley was tlakinga bout how her & nick could get married someday.
just a thought :]

I can't find a Jonas Brothers & Stevie Wonder performance on Youtube because they've all been removed due to copyright claims from the Grammys. So yeah, once i find it i'll put it up ! It was great :] Joe looked like he was having a seizure, & it was soo hot. Nick had a greaser look & instantly reminded me of John Travolta, back in the Grease days of course. He was also bangin' on his guitar like there was no tomorrow! Kevin's suit looked finneeee, & sadly, i don't have much to say about him, CAUSE TEH CAMERA WAS HARDLY ON HIM !

MIA performed "Swagga Like Us" with T.I., Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, & Kanye West. PRETTY DOPEE.She was pregnant, & due that day & huge & had the best outfit! I would not be on stage in front of the whole nation, when my water could possibly break on live television. But hey, that's just me. MIA's a trooper! & During the performance, the screen randomly went black & white, and i thought my TV was broken or something. Then it went back to color. Yeah, that was kinda weird & awkward.

Justin Timberlake performed with Al Greene "Let's Stay Together." WOW. It was amazing. Both of their vocals, WOW. yeah, that's all i gotta say.

Oh, & since the Grammys were during the premiere of Sonny WIth a Chance,you can watch the premiere episodes at, Sprint TV, AT&T CV, Verizon V Cast, iTunes, Xbox and Netflix.