Tuesday, February 10, 2009


  • Chris Brown's felony booking sheet from Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. He was bailed out for $50,000 & his next court date is March 5.

  • Rolling Stone chatted Miley Cyrus about what went down backstage at the Grammys on Sunday. Even though Miley is involved with an underwear model she has can have new crush! She confessed her crush on Kings of Leon's bassist Jared Followill: 'He's pretty good looking. I'm not usually one to freak, but me and Taylor last night were like, 'Holy smoke!' Katy Perry was like, 'They have super hot girlfriends.' I was like, 'Dang it!''
  • Miley Cyrus commented boyfriend Justin Gaston's new YouTube song 'Rearview Style'. 'Your the bestest Justy Wusty (& I know your wrote this about me =]) love ya! xoxoxox.'
  • According to People: BFFs Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus followed up their Grammy duet by hanging with another set of BFFs: Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. The foursome shared a table at the premiere party for Lovato's Disney Channel show Sonny With a Chance at The Improve in LA, and they giggled and cheered while watching the first episode. The group also munched on a huge plate of fries, before giving Lovato a standing ovation.
  • Brenda Song was kissed on the red carpet at Friday The 13th premiere at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Monday night.
  • Up & coming actress Noah Lindsey Cyrus posed A Rockin' Valentine Bash to Benefit Cupcakes For Cancer last week.
  • Emma Watson got cozy with Stormbreaker star Alex Pettyfer at the BAFTAs on Sunday night. According to The London Paper, Emma spent the evening amongst British boy actors at the Soho House Grey Goose after-party at the Grosvenor House Hotel. The insider revealed:'Emma was mingling and chatting to friends, but there was a constant stream of guys swamping her as she moved between the 15 party suites. First, with Robert Pattinson, then she was cornered by Keira Knightley's ex, Jamie Dornan, before her attentions were taken by Nicholas Hoult. She enjoyed the attention, but deflected all their advances and headed off early. Emma was finally spotted getting very cozy with Alex Pettyfer at media mogul Weinstein's after-after party at the Double Club in Angel. After dancing for a bit, they sat away from their pals to swap numbers and seemed keen to get to know each other a little better. They were still animatedly chatting at 4 AM.
  • Weekend TV's Big Winner, Besides Coldplay, et al: The Grammys. From 8-11:30 p.m., the show averaged an estimated 19.1 million, CBS said. If the number holds, the show will have grown by nearly 2 million viewers from last year, and will have scored its second-biggest audience of the past five telecasts.
    Guess You Had to See It to Believe It: The Jonas Brothers-Stevie Wonder jam aired during the Grammys' most-watched prime-time half-hour, averaging 21.3 million from 9-9:30 p.m., Nielsen estimates showed.
    Don't Take It Personally, Neil Diamond: Like many shows, the Grammys petered out as the night wore on. The show's 10:30 p.m. half-hour, featuring performances by Diamond and a
    John Mayer-assisted Bo Diddley tribute, was its least-watched in prime time, with 17.6 million viewers.
    How'd the Grammys Stack Up Against American Idol? Better, but let's not lose our heads.
    Even in the Grammys' biggest prime-time hour, featuring Jonas Brothers, Wonder,
    Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Kenny Chesney, Katy Perry and the kitchen sink, the show didn't come within 6 million viewers of, say, last Wednesday's American Idol, featuring Bikini Girl and a bunch of bickering teenagers.
    In the 18-49 demo, Wednesday's Idol outrated the Grammys' 9 p.m. hour by nearly 20 percent.
    Etc.: Desperate Housewives (13.7 million) and Brothers & Sisters (9.3 million) had better luck against the Grammys than the NFL playoffs; 60 Minutes (16.8 million) cashed in on an interview with the hero pilot behind the Hudson River landing; NBC continued to repel 18- to 49-year-olds with TV movies and miniseries (the latest being Sunday's XIII).
    Friday Night Lights Watch: Fourth place in viewers (4.2 million on Friday night, as reported by MediaWeek); fourth place in the 18-49 demo; needing a Hail Mary, pronto.
  • Teen Vogue on JB man jewlery- Came across this very detailed rundown of the bling that the JoBros rocked at the Grammys. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't get Man Jewelry (leaving the purity ring out of the equation, of course). Dudes don't need so many accessories, especially if they're major fashionistos like the JoBros. Right?Full list after the jump.
    Onstage: Nick -- David Yurman. Joe -- Avakian necklace. Kevin -- Platinum jewels.Red carpet: Nick -- Neil Lane accessories. Joe -- David Yurman jewels. Kevin -- David Yurman watch and Platinum accessories
  • JB on ET Thursday- http://www.etonline.com/news/2009/02/70601/
  • (Starpulse in Hollywood): Every week, Hollywood’s biggest stars are meeting in the hot spots of Beverly Hills, and Starpulse is there. After appearing in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock with The Jonas Brothers last year, Demi Lovato joined the ranks of Disney teen idols like Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron. She got to perform at the inauguration and she has her own Disney Channel series now, “Sonny with a Chance.”
    She hasn’t let fame go to her head, however. No entourage for this girl. “I still go to the mall,” she told Starpulse. “I still do things, and people don’t really recognize me. If I know that I’m going out and I could be at a place where people could recognize me, I just dress like a normal person and people won’t really pay attention. Don’t make eye contact with people.”
    And she still gets homesick when she goes out on tour. “I basically started doing press and things like that in January, and I went home for probably a total of a week since then through August,” she explained. “My mom was there with my sisters, and I was with my step-dad the entire tour. There’s also a lot that people don’t see, how much we work, how much we’re separated from our families. It’s when we get to go on vacations with our families, and get to see the rewards that our sacrifices have given us, it’s just incredible. That’s why we continue to do what we love.”
    She’s only been famous for a year, and people have already started picking on her. Be nice, bloggers! “I guess it’s [a challenge] just feeling beautiful, knowing that I’m different. I have a different body type than other people,” she confessed. “I’m not your typical skinny, tall girl, but I love my body that I’m in. One day I want to continue to help with bullying, or girls that feel insecure about their beauty, or things like that. I know that my purpose in life is to do more with the dreams that I have.”
    “Sonny with a Chance” airs Sundays at 8 on The Disney Channel.
  • JB will NOT be on GMA- “Here are a few announcements that may interest you. Contrary to what you may be reading on the internet the Jonas Brothers are not appearing or performing live at the Times Square Studio for Good Morning America in New York City on February 13 or February 16. Good Morning America is listed on their website and myspace page but it does not explain that their scheduled appearance is taped. We have asked the webmaster for the Jonas Brothers to update that information to end the confusion. They were interviewed during a previous date and that interview will be aired on Good Morning America on February 16th.”
  • “The Insider”’s Cojo is with the Jonas Brothers to get their post-Grammy perspective about singing with Stevie Wonder — plus the boys reveal which brother is the most fashion forward and they discuss meeting Sasha and Malia Obama!
    Kevin Jonas admits he’s the most style conscious of the bunch, even noticing that he has the same shoes as our “Insider” correspondent.See Kevin’s style on the big screen when the ‘Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience’ movie hits theaters February 27.