Thursday, January 15, 2009

JB Live Chat !

The Jonas Brothers posted a Myspace bulletin yesterday, & also sent an email to their subscribers, & a text message from their say now phone number:

Hey everyone!We had so much fun with our first FANFAMILY EXPERIENCE.We spent almost 5 hours commenting to all of our fans.It was awesome!OUR NEXT FANFAMILY EXPERIENCE is going to be THIS SUNDAY!!!!SUNDAY, JANUARY 18TH at 5 PM EST (EASTERN STANDARD TIME)JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST LIVE VIDEO CHAT IN ALMOST A YEAR AND A HALF!!!Just go to: you desire to join the live video chat, you will need to create an account and login in order to join the chat. Then just be ready to ask us questions and spend time with us.Once again, we will be looking for ways throughout 2009 to connect with our fans more.Thanks for helping us live our dream!JBKevin, Joe and Nick