Thursday, January 29, 2009


  • Barbara Walters announced her guests to appear on her upcoming Oscar's Special, and one of the guests will be the Jonas Brothers. Her Oscar special at 7 p.m. Feb. 22 on ABC. Be sure to tune in.
  • Looks like Selena - along with the rest of the Wizards cast - will be packing her bags, on her way to Puerto Rico!
    Selena and Demi filmed their up-coming Disney Channel Original Movie Princess Protection Program in Puerto Rico last year. Their PPP co-star Kevin Schmidt just spilled that he's looking forward to visiting Sel down there!
    "Selena's shooting the Wizards movie [in Puerto Rico], I might have to have schedule a visit!" he recently dished!
    -TWIST magazine
  • Demi Lovato on Live With Regis&Kelly-

  • Ali Lohan is dropping about of high school to help further her career. According to Star, Ali is loving life on the West Coast with sister Lindsay so much that she wants to drop out of the private all-girls high school she attends near Long Island, New York.
  • Nick talks about J.O.N.A.S.- 'There's an episode, episode 104, called 'The Wrong Song
    ,' which is an episode about a girl who is also an artist, and I kind of have this romance going on. I don't know that she has....a show coming up where she thinks that the song that I wrote for her, as in wrote because of her, is not actually for her to sing at her show. There were a couple fun and challenging scenes in that one and I really, really like that episode a lot.'They've found that having scripts to inspire music is easier on their emotions: 'Writing songs for the show has been a really cool experience because they'll give us kind of like an outline of what they need for the episode. We've been making the joke constantly, it's like, 'Now we don't have to get our hearts broken to write a song about heartbreak.' It's a lot easier way to do it.'Nick is having trouble adjusting to on camera performing: 'I'm kind of a perfectionist in a way. I'm very hard on myself when it comes to acting
    , and that kind of goes hand-in-hand with who found it the hardest to act. Not finding it too hard, I guess, but just finding kind of, as funny as it sounds.. personality in this all and kind of the humor that I can find in it, trying to capture my own personal sense of humor. In real life, it's very dry humor but sometimes I can't quite master that on camera. I'm still learning, and I'm just enjoying every minute of it.'On the show's schedule: 'I think what's really interesting about this TV show is the schedule. We will come in at 7 AM every morning and work to about 7. So we do have the evenings to go home and have dinner with the family. If we have to go to the studio, go to the studio. Time to kind of think and be with our family, be with each other. If we do need time to just relax, we have that time too.'
  • Jerenny & Nicole met Miley Cyrus at her pilates class where she wore her pajamas: 'We had a decent conversation with her. She is so personable and sweet.' Miley exclaimed: 'Go watch the Jonas Brothers 3D movie.' J & N: 'It's going to be the best.' Miley: 'Besides mine, right?' Are YOU going to see JBs 3D movie on February 27? They also met Justin Gaston earlier. Fun videos and pictures under! Miley will also be taking over Radio Disney on Friday, Jan 30 @ 3PM PT/ 6PM ET.

  • Demi Lovato on Good Morning Ameirca-

  • Demi Lovato is releasing a deluxe version of her album, Don't Forget, in February which will include a totallly different look, and a new song with a different sound called "Behind Enemy Lines."
  • Shia LaBeouf undercover shielding his broken head&head on the way home from the liquor store-

  • Just Jared Jr. on Sonny With A Chance-
    Sterling Knight tries to charm Demi Lovato in this new still from an upcoming episode of Sonny With A Chance.
    In the episode, “Sonny at the Falls”, the So Random! cast rejects Sonny’s (Lovato) sketch idea, the cast of MacKenzie Falls (the rival show) consoles her and convinces her to join their show. Now Tawni (Tiffany Thornton), Nico (Brandon Smith), Zora (Allisyn Arm) and Grady (Doug Brochu) must convince her to come back.
    “Sonny at the Falls” airs Sunday, February 15 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Don’t forget to watch the series premiere of Sonny With A Chance on NEXT Sunday, February 8th @ 8PM!
  • Source: NickJ Online- I (Kimmy) was watching Chelsea Lately last night and they were doing an interview with “Big Black” from ‘Rob and Big‘, and she asked if he bodyguards for the Jonas Brothers. He mentions how he doesn’t but been been mistaken in Texas during the week of the Thanksgiving’s Dallas Cowboy Game and someone thought he was “Big Rob” because they saw the half-time performance. He also mentioned, if the boys ever need another bodyguard, he would love to be one.
  • On the most recent episode of Trivia Pursuit, one of the questions given was “A 2008, 3D Concert Movie starred Miley Cyrus and what boy band?“. The lady answering, got the question right by saying the Jonas Brothers.