Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jonas Brothers Update

Hey everyone!
We want to send you some updates on different things that are going on right now:
TV Show:We are back on LA working on our TV show. It has been so much fun to see our show come together. We love our cast and crew. We have seen some of the footage and we can't wait for you to see it in May of this year.
3D Movie:We just saw a screening with some fans in Dallas from our Fan Club - TEAM JONAS. It was amazing. Everyone was singing, clapping and dancing. We cannot wait to hear how you feel about the movie.Here is the list of places we know about the film releasing around the world. Some of the countries are listed as TBA (To Be Announced). We will try to let you know more about these countries and other countries not listed as soon as we know. You can also check with movie theaters near you.
JONAS BROTHERS: THE 3D CONCERT EXPERIENCE (2009) ReleaseTerritories DateUSA 27-Feb-09AUSTRIA 12-Mar-09BELGIUM 25-Mar-09CROATIA 28-May-09CZECH REP TBA-09DENMARK TBA-09FINLAND 24-Apr-09FRANCE TBA-09GERMANY 12-Mar-09HUNGARY 28-May-09ICELAND 24-Apr-09ISRAEL 5-Mar-09ITALY 12-Jun-09LEBANON 26-Feb-09NETHERLANDS 22-Apr-09NORWAY 20-Mar-09POLAND TBA-09PORTUGAL 12-Mar-09RUSSIA STVSOUTH AFRICA 6-Mar-09SPAIN 22-May-09SWEDEN SPRING-09SWITZERLAND TBA-09UNITED KINGDOM 29-May-09 (This might move up to an earlier date)
3D Movie Soundtrack:The soundtrack for the 3D movie will come out on February 24th here in the US. It will probably release just before the premiere in that country. It includes some new songs. One of the songs has never been heard before.
FanFamily Experience:We started a new website called FanFamily Expereince (www.fanfamilyexperience.com). We have alread had over 3 Million hits. We will be doing a lot of special things to connect with our fans. One of our first projects together will be the 3D Movie. There are already thousands of groups forming. We will be refining the website on a daily basis. This is for all the fans. We want to make this 3D Release the BIGGEST FAN EVENT IN HISTORY.
World Tour:We will be announcing the dates for our world tour very soon. It will probably be announced at the end of February or early March. Keep checking back for tour details.
SPECIAL THANKS:WE just found out that we won the NRJ award for Best New International Artist in France. We want to thank all of our wonderful fans in France for making this happen. You are amazing!
We will be sending you regular updates of things. Keep checking in.
Kevin, Joe and Nick