Thursday, January 22, 2009


  • The Jonas Brothers are on the cover of the new Teen Sensation magazine which also includes an article of the history of the boys up until now.
  • E! is reporting that Dakota Fanning is to play Jane, a member of the Volturi, in New Moon. It's possible. I can exclusively report that the 14-year-old child star—she turns 15 on Feb. 23—is in talks to play Jane opposite Robert Pattinson & Co. in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to box office megahit Twilight.
    “There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”
    Jane is a member of Italy’s Volturi, the most deadly group of bloodsucking killers in author Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series.
    In the casting notice we got our hands on earlier this month, Jane is described as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.” While fellow Volturi guards Demetri & Felix “are three times the size of her, they are terrified of her,” the casting notice reads.
    Coincidentally (or maybe not), an online petition started by a Twilight fan already asks the studio, Summit Entertainment, to cast Fanning because she would be “perfect” for the role.
    Early last month, Entertainment Weekly suggested Pushing Daisies star and Broadway diva Kristin Chenoweth. “Her voice is certainly high enough, and at 4'11'', she's also short enough,” writer Amy Wilkinson proposed.
    Director Chris Weitz is expected to start shooting New Moon in March in the U.S. and Italy. If all goes as planned, the movie will hit theaters on Nov. 20.
  • Featured stars of Disney on AIM-
  • Insider's 5 reasons why Taylor & Demi should be BFFs - Not since Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie first came onto the scene as the qunitessential besties, have we been *this* excited about a potential BFF pairing. The dual reign of teen queens Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift? It’s ON.
    They’ve both got hit albums, they’re both show stoppingly gorge, and they’ve both (maybe?) shared the warm embrace of a
    JoBro – obvs, a match made in heaven.Tay Tay and Dem were spotted earlier this week at an L.A. Kings Hockey game, and judging by the smiles on their faces, we’re hoping they’ve already exchanged best friends forever necklaces. Here’s why:
    5. The Brothers Jonai - OMJ, is there anything that can bring two people together quicker than a Jonas Brother run in? We think no. Even though Demi claims that she is
    just friends with Joe Jonas (all Camp Rock romances aside), and even though Taylor claims she’s totally over her cell phone Joe Jonas break-up, should the two need to console each other over any matters Jonai … they could.
    4. Mean Girls - Say what you will, but there were quite a few worthwhile life lessons in this little gem of a
    Lindsay Lohan flick … most importantly: don’t be a biyotch. Demi and Taylor are obvs feelin the love now, and to this we say: awwwww.
    She’s Just Being Miley - With Taylor in the mix, the Demi/Miley feud takes on a whole new spin. Might we expect a Taylor/Demi (+ Selena?) YouTube channel? One can only dream.
    2. Acting - Both girls act!
    On TV shows! And in movies! And so maybe they could rehearse together! And go to each other’s premieres! Funzies!
    1. Sports … The Great Equalizer - Ask any dude, if you’re looking to bond, hockey pucks are the way to go.
    Hip hip hooray for grrrl power, we say!
  • Just Jared on Demi Lovato at Kids' Inaugral Concet-
    Demi Lovato rocks out the Kids Inaugural celebration at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., on Monday night (January 19).
    The 16-year-old starlet performed her two hit songs, “Get Back” and “La La Land.”
    Demi hung out with good friend
    Miley Cyrus at the end of the show and tagged along with BFFs The Jonas Brothers to the Huffington Post’s Pre-Inaugural Ball after the concert.
  • JB will be on Regis & Kelly in a couple weeks
  • Just Jared Jr. on Demi Lovato-
    Demi Lovato admits to MTV News that she nervous before she took the stage at the Kids’ Inaugural concert celebration and afterwards, just a little shaken.
    The 16-year-old pop star dished after the concert, saying, “Honestly, it was a blur, because it was like, I’m standing in the presence of the first lady [Michelle Obama], but then you kind of forgot about it because she’s so normal. And she’s like way down to earth. She gave me a hug, and her daughters were so sweet, and you could tell they are not fazed by anything.”
    Meeting the Obama girls wasn’t the only highlight of her night either. Demi gushed, “I met a lot of really cool people, but Usher was really cool because I got to meet him. For my birthday, when I was like 10, I went to his concert, so it was like surreal to be on the same stage with him and hanging out backstage just being like, ‘A few years ago, I was at your concert for my birthday and freaked out when you looked my way.’”
  • Country star TAYLOR SWIFT has scored a seventh week atop the album chart, becoming the first artist to record the feat since USHER in 2004.Her hit album Fearless sold just 63,000 copies last week, but that was enough to keep Beyonce's I Am... Sasha Fierce and Nickelback's Dark Horse off the top.Beyonce's album rose up two spots to two, while Nickelback slipped a place to three.The soundtrack to Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious is the chart's highest debut - it bows at four, and Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak rounds out the new top five.
  • Just Jared Jr. on Jonas Brothers FanFamily Experience-