Monday, January 12, 2009

My New About Me on Myspace :)

FAQ: All Joe Jonas is is an extremely attractive&mucular&hilarious teen the hottest boy band that sings the songs he writes, as well as covers or collaborations with other amazing artists, and is also beginning his acting career with Camp Rock and JONAS, as well as becoming a worldwide fashion icon setting new trends rocking the colored skinny jeans, raybans, buttondowns, and bowler hats, and that brilliant hair of his, with billions of girls adoring him and chasing after him, while still managing to stay grounded by making a promise to stay true to himself and staying close with his family & friends, but appreciates all the fans do for him and do the kindest things like having free concerts, meet and greets, taking his time to sign or take a picture with a fan, commenting back on myspace, and even making the most hilarious youtube videos to interact with his fans, or answering random questions in the funniest ways, because of course, if he hopes to become a comedian after his singing career. Forget Joe Jonas, his brothers are exactly the same! So, why are you so in love with Joe Jonas?

Answer: WHY NOT?