Saturday, January 31, 2009


  • Selena Gomez posted a bulletin on her official Myspace on Wednesday- "Hey guys, I just wanted to check in with you guys and fill ya in on whats going on. The show is going great we are almost finished with our 2nd season and about to take off to shoot our movie for the show! we are so excited to start that! Also im still in the studio recording my album & I really am so happy with how its coming out & cant wait to share it with you! AND I wanted to fill you guys in on my new family.. some of you may already know of them but they are this AMAZING band called Forever the Sickest Kids! They have been so sweet to me and are the brothers ive never had! we all live in Texas and bonded so quickly! And as my job as a little sister to them I want to support them 100% and help spread the word about them and their music! They have been an absolute blessing to me and they are unbelievable musicians! They watch over me and I want to do the same for them! So you guys should check em out :) And to all the FTSK fans I want you guys to know that I just want to help them out! thats all.. I wont touch their music haha And last but not least I wanna say thank you to you guys.. I can tell you a million times how much you mean to me but it will NEVER be enough! This has been such a wonderful ride and adventure and I want to continue to take you guys with me everywhere I go! God bless! I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Selena"
  • Just Jared Jr. on Sonny With A Chance, "You've Got Fanmail"- In the upcoming episode, “You’ve Got Fan Mail,” Sonny (Lovato) is the only cast member of So Random! that hasn’t received any fan mail, so she creates her own fan — Eric. But when Eric is invited to the set for a visit, Sonny must think fast and devise a plan.“You’ve Got Fan Mail,” airs on Sunday, February 22nd @ 8PM on Disney Channel!
  • Just Jared Jr. on Ray-Ban beautiful, Demi Lovato-
  • Just Jared Jr. on a preview of Sonny With A Chance-
  • Selena Gomez will star as 'Beezus' in a film adaptation Beverly Cleary's Ramona books, reports Vancouver Sun [Via Junior Celebs]. Producer Alison Greenspan: '[Cleary] was a librarian as well as a writer and had watched with some despair some adaptations of favorite books that hadn't measured up.' It has taken Greenspan more than four years from the time that she approached Cleary to this moment, beginning to cast and prep for shooting. The film will be shot around a Vancouver family's home for two months.'Beezus', Ramona's sister Beatrice, will be played by Selena 'Celina' Gomez. A nationwide search is winding down on the casting of Ramona. Aquamarine director Elizabeth Allen will direct. Cleary also wrote the Henry Huggins series and Mouse and the Motorcycle series.
  • Taylor Swift has slashed the ticket prices of her upcoming Fearless tour to help fans cope with the US economic recession. Taylor will kick off her first headlining tour in April with Kellie Pickler as the show's opening act. She has set the cheapest ticket at $20. Tay, 'I want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to come see my show.'
  • There will be Nickelodeon versus Disney Channel television battle on Monday, February 16 @ 8 PM ET/PT. Dadnapped & Spectacular air on the same day at same time. David Henrie & Emily Osment VS Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia.
  • Miley Cyrus decked out in a t-shirt that reads 'Dream' in bold letters for a brand new episode of Hannah Montana that airs on February 16. 'You Gotta Lose This Job' Miley, as Hannah, purposely blows a movie audition with director Rob Reiner to make Oliver feel better about not getting into a band; Jackson uses Rico as his ventriloquist dummy at a birthday party after Rico destroys the original puppet.
  • Miley Cyrus arrived at Smashbox Studios in Hollywood with Sophie her Maltese Terrier and Mammie Loretta.
  • AJ Michalka poses in boyfriend Bennett's hockey uniform
  • Demi Lovato will be releasing a deluxe version of her album, Don't Forget. 'There's like crazy new pictures, lots of bonus footage, clips of me and the Jonas Brothers behind-the-scenes on tour and in the studio.' It will also include a new song, "Enemy Lines." She performed it at the House of Blues after the 2008 AMAs-

  • Barbara Walters Oscar Special airs on February 22 at 7 PM on ABC and includes an interview with the JoBros.
  • Demi Lovato on Pix11 Morning Show-

  • Hey Monday's Cassadee Pope talks to Kimmy from NickJOnline about her favorite Jonas Brother. Cass also mentioned that she loves Demi Lovato [But, it wasn't caught on tape]!

  • Zanessa featured on a couple JapaneseTV shows

  • From J-14: 'Last year, Demi opened for her Camp Rock costars, the Jonas Brothers, during their sweet summer tour.After Selena visited Demi on the road, the BFFs came up with idea of touring together! Just as rockin' is their source's prediction of a Selena, Demi and Jonas dream tour! Talk about awesome, no long distance issue for Sel and Nick to deal with, plus an amazing show for us!'
  • the Jonas Brothers are up for the best band of 2008 at! sign up & cast your vote.
  • BB Good music video is going to be released on Feb. 16 at 8:20 pm, and will feature 3D movie footage like the Tonight music video.