Monday, January 12, 2009


Disney released all the info about JONAS, coming out in May on Disney Channel-
Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas are three extraordinarily talented teenage brothers who make up the world's most popular rock band, JONAS, in Disney Channel's new comedy series of the same name. While doing their best to live ordinary lives, albeit with sleek guitars, concert tours, cool clothes and throngs of ardent fans following their every move, the guys always seem to find themselves smack in the middle of absurd situations.
The series is set in the Lucas family's New Jersey home (a converted fire station on Jonas Street, the inspiration for their band's name) and at their private school, Horace Mantis Academy. There the brothers experience all the fun and at times unusual situations that come with being teenage rock stars. They're accompanied by their childhood friend, fashionista Stella Malone, who helps keep the brothers grounded while making sure they always look their best. Along for the ride is Stella's gregarious best friend and the school's star athlete, Macy Misa, who is also the self-proclaimed #1 JONAS fan.
Luckily Kevin, Joe and Nick don't have to experience teen years without the help of their loving family. Their dad, Tom, is the band's manager and the boys' hero. His dedication to his family, passion for his sons' music and his kid-at-heart antics keep the family close-knit. Monitoring the brothers' daily lives is their mother, Sandy, who does her best to maintain a normal grounded family.
Little brother Frankie has a mischievous heart-of-gold and keeps these brothers on their toes. The family wouldn't be complete without The Big Man, the JONAS bodyguard.
Home life comes with a few rock-star embellishments for the Lucas brothers: The bedroom loft they share comes complete with specialized bunks, musical instruments, three fire poles for quick entrance into the kitchen and an expansive closet with a touchpad computer for quick fashion-icon assembly.
Despite their best efforts to keep things normal, the brothers' off-stage life can get as lively as a sold out concert performance. Whether it's re-creating the family's destroyed home movie collection, judging a beauty pageant, crushing on their classmates, meeting the Queen of England or taking the trash out to be greeted by a mob of hysterical fans, the brothers always seem to be walking a comically fine line between being average teenagers and chart-topping rock stars.
"JONAS" stars Kevin Jonas as Kevin Lucas, Joe Jonas as Joe Lucas, Nick Jonas as Nick Lucas, Chelsea Staub (Disney Channel's "Minutemen") as Stella Malone, Nicole Anderson (Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana") as Macy Misa and John Ducey ("Will and Grace") as Tom Lucas. Recurring appearances include Rebecca Creskoff ("Mad Men") as Sandy Lucas, Jonas Brothers' real-life younger brother Frankie Jonas as Frankie Lucas, and their head of security, Big Rob Feggans, as The Big Man.
"JONAS" is executive-produced by Roger S.H. Schulman (Disney Channel's "Phil of the Future," "Shrek") and Michael Curtis ("Phil of the Future," "Friends"). Many episodes include original musical vignettes with songs written by Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, among others. The series is an It's A Laugh Production in association with Disney Channel. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.