Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Day 2009 Announced

Here’s early notice–Stephenie Meyer Day 2009 is happening September 12-13, 2009, in Forks, WA!! While this year’s event is still in the organizational stages, based on the overwhelming response last year, we want everyone (including folks in, um, Arizona . . . ) to have a chance to make plans to be here on Bella’s Birthday to celebrate with us. Now is the time to make lodging reservations in Forks or LaPush for this weekend–the entire area was booked solid last year. Many fans arrived before the weekend and/or stayed a day or two afterward, to have more time to fully enjoy everything the area has to offer.
Last year’s event featured Forks High School tours; the Mayor’s Proclamation; Bella’s Birthday Cake;
a Group Photo; Bella, Edward and Jacob Look-Alike Contests; Book Readings and Discussion; a Wolf Dance and a Bonfire with Native Storytelling in LaPush; along with access to gobs of Twilight-related merchandise, opportunities to see the local sights, visit the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and socialize with hundreds of other totally-out-of-control Twilighters. How can you beat that?
If you have ideas for Stephenie Meyer Day 2009, or if you are willing to contribute in some way, we would love to have your input. We would particularly like to hear from some Twilight-inspired bands and DJs, for example, that could appear as part of an outdoor show or a killer dance/party. We’re open to any and all ideas. Let’s make this the best Stephenie Meyer Day so far!! Contact the Chamber of Commerce at or 1-800-443-6757 .
And Stephenie, if you’re reading this, we’d love to see you again here in Forks!!
Further information to follow–keep checking back–we’ll have all of the necessary information right here as soon as it is available.