Friday, May 29, 2009

Demi Lovato summer tour details

Demi Lovato Pollstar interview: 'I really don't practice my show. I think I have two days of rehearsals. I don't really have choreographed moves or anything. I just go out there and perform. I change it up each show but it's not like we go into the studio and rehearse.'

AEG promoter Debra Rathwell revealed that Demi's tour will not be 'stripped down': 'As a concert promoter, I'm always asking, 'How few trucks and how small can it be?' And Disney will say, 'No, no, no, Debra, this is Disney! It's going to be done properly and there has to be some bells and whistles.'

The staging will be designed by the same man who put together the Jonas Brothers' show. Disney has the marketing on schedule. Advertisements for the tour are appearing on the Disney Channel and the newest album is about to drop along with her new movie Princess Protection Program.

Meet and greets become more difficult as stars get bigger. During last summer's tour with the Jonas Brothers, Demi did two meet-and-greets per day: 'The first meet-and-greet had 30 people in it and then the second one was, like, the 500 people who pre-ordered the CD. They got a free meet-and-greet after the show. So, I would stay up until two in the morning and it was awesome.'

Rathwell: 'She's done so much work. She's laid all the groundwork. Now it's my job to market, market, market, get tickets, sell them and get fans in. We don't leave until August when she goes off to make another movie.'