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With their hotly anticipated album — ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’ — less than a month away from its official release, it seems the Jonas Brothers’ schedule is more hectic than ever. Taking a quick break in their day to chat with PopEater about the exclusive premiere of the video for ‘Paranoid,’ the brothers currently find themselves in Lima, Peru, spending time with some of their more passionate fans.

“Our fans have been outside the hotel, and they’re just nuts,” Kevin says. “There were maybe 2,000 of them out there all night, chanting!”

Did they get any sleep?

“Actually, I had a great night’s sleep,” says Nick. “I slept for 12 hours!”

“It’s like they were singing us to sleep,” adds Joe.

While fans wait patiently to see the boys live and in person, the video for ‘Paranoid’ should tide them over. Meanwhile, Joe, Nick and Alex chat with PopEater about the clip, a summer tour surprise and who may have a career in professional wrestling.

Why did you choose ‘Paranoid’ as the single?

Nick: It’s just a great song to play live, and whenever the fans hear it, they’re just amazing — they sing every word. We’re so thankful the response has been so awesome.

Is the song autobiographical?

Kevin: Out of all of the songs on the album, we feel like this was one that was more of a general song. We started out with the concept of paranoia and decided to see what it was like if we threw ourselves in the shoes of someone who was experiencing it.

Describe the video’s the premise.

Nick: There are three different scenarios, and they’re all kind of rising out of this one situation. We’re all in different hallways that lead us elsewhere. So I have the car chase scene, Joe is in a wrestling ring and Kevin is seeing himself in different scenarios and it’s freaking him out.

How’d you come up with the concept?

Joe: While we were sitting around recording the song, we started coming up with ideas for how to translate it into a video, and then [directors] Tim Wheeler and Brendan Malloy presented their idea, and it was was dead on. They took a rough idea, and they really nailed it.

From when you shot your first video to now, you guys have experienced an incredible ascent. Is there any difference in the process of shooting now?

Nick: We’re always trying to one up ourselves. For example, for the tour we’re going on this summer, we’re going to have a stage that’s bigger and better than last summer. We’re always looking to do things bigger and better for our fans, and the video was the same thing. We worked with Tim and Brendan on the video for ‘Burning Up,’ and we had such a great time with them that we knew we wanted to work with them again, but we wanted to do more. There’s definitely a sense of competition with ourselves going on.

But in a healthy way?

Nick: Definitely!

Share one fun behind-the-scenes story with us.

Joe: There’s a scene where I’m in a wrestling ring, and I had to wrestle these two guys who were actually professionals. It was a little scary at times. You can imagine what it’s like to have two 200-pound men running at you full force.

Does this mean you’re not going to pursue a career in professional wrestling?

Joe: It may happen.

Source: PopEater

The Jonas Brothers have released a video for “Paranoid,” the kinda catchy lead single off Lines, Vines and Trying Times (due June 16). In the clip, a bunch of Kevin Jonas clones stand around looking confused, Joe Jonas avoids death in the wrestling wring, and Nick Jonas engages in a high-speed chase with a femme fatale-type girl. First question: Should Nick Jonas really be driving without a parent or legal guardian? Second question: Out of all the Jonases, why pick Kevin to be cloned? Third question: The video is clearly another step by the Bros. to look more adult and grown-up. Do you think they pull it off?

Source: EW


–And MTV’s Buzzworthy Review —

I could cut and paste all of the words to “The Pledge of Allegiance” into this post and you probably wouldn’t even care, notice, or even read it, right? Because you’re probably already watching the Jonas Brothers‘ new video, “Paranoid,” directed by The Malloys, who also directed “Burnin’ Up.”

So, since you’ve already watched “Paranoid,” or you’re watching it again right this very second, are you on board with me that while “Burnin’ Up” was hilarious, and “Love Bug” was a gorgeous period piece, and “Tonight” was a moving tribute to Jonas fans, “Paranoid” is the Jonas Brothers’ most sophisticated, compelling, funny, and exciting video yet? Are you even reading this? Are you still breathing? Come back to me!

Source: MTV Buzzworthy