Friday, May 22, 2009

Jonas Brothers Update Day-off Tweets ryan, jack and i take our morning espresso extremely seriously….especially in rio….. Christa Black - Went sightseeing in Brazil and brought a thousand fans with us! -JB Rio de janeiro, brasil. can you spot The Christo? :: Greg Garbo - Funny when you have the same camera and stand next to someone, you get identical photos (almost) Rio is amazing! John Talyor

Joe&Camilla were seen together in Brazil.
Camilla's hometown!
Gosh, they need to break it off ):

&has anyone noticed?
Nick's been getting bigger and bigger.
As in like his tummy is getting big, espeically with his shirt tucked in and all.
I have a feeling it's cause of his diabetes ):
Awww, I love you Nick!