Friday, May 8, 2009

Chelsea Staub- JONAS

-Chelsea, Nicole, and Demi all auditioned for Stella.
-The show has taken 2 years to finally get to air. They had the previous concept J.O.N.A.S.
-She auditioned when the Jonas Brothers weren’t the superstars they were today, they chose the spy theme to have a hook.
-There was a little nervousness that the show wouldn’t get picked up, then there was a writers strike, then the JB had a tour, and they went straight to shooting.
-Chelsea calls Stella an overachiever, being a student, styling the boys, and inventing Stellcro and Stellavator
-Set Antics: Teenage set with the 5 leads under 21. They start filming at 6am to 6pm. There were kickball and wiffleball games, and used the Wizards empty sound stage as their set.
-Nicole & Chelsea got kicked out of a game for having ‘too much fun.’ Apparently the boys take competition seriously, crew was getting divided, evil eyes going on.
-The last day of shooting, they had this big final game. Joe & Kevin were on a team, Nick was on a seperate team. It was basically tied, or a small win. Nick’s team lost, Marissa, their makeup artist was on Nick’s team and the makeup room was tense after. Joe, was dancing around Nick, rubbing it in.
-She hinted at more games next year…JONAS picked up for Season 2?
-Disney Family: It’s like high school. They are a family, where everyone works on each other shows and movies. She guest starred on Wizards for her first Disney experience. I need to become a part of this family
-They did this Environmental Special, where they talk about going green. It’s called Friends for Change. I wonder who was all involved…There were 30-40 of them while getting this together. They even had ‘green’ catering and crew. The Sonny with a Chance crew was involved, so this might be the We Are The World event.
-She met the JB a few years ago, and became friends. But she says they are gorgeous, and open doors, pull out chairs. She likes their friend relationship, that’s it. Their parents raised them right.