Sunday, May 3, 2009

Demi avoids fans!

From fan: 'Me and my friends went to Demi's hotel to meet her. We had waited since 2 PM for her to come back from Bamboozle. She was back by 11 PM and stormed out of her black SUV and into the hotel not noticing me and my friends; hence we were there; THE ONLY ONES WAITING FOR HER for hours. 

We had stopped her mom however and I got a picture with her and she apologized. I then spoke to her security as well as Jonas Brothers security guard, cause they share one. And he apologized as well because paparazzi 
(2 photographers!) were swarming around her. 

Demi isn't so sweet after all. The girl who got Demi tattooed in her lip came with me; because she's one of my good friends and was very disappointed as well..

hmmm.. well she was being chased by photographers!