Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jonas Brothers Team Jonas private concert

Clips of different songs from the Jonas Brothers concert at the El Rey in LA: They said no cameras, so I had to record a few clips on the down low. They played 3 new songs, but I didn't record all of them. It was a great show!

I got to meet the boys. They were such gentlemen! I'm impressed by their new material, professionalism, style, and stage presence. set list: 1. sos 2. poison ivy 3. lovebug 4. A bit of year 3000 5. paranoid 6. I think - turn right - very soft, melodic, bluesy. 7. burning up

I am so sad I didn't get to go ):
I entered the contest, but I never win Team Jonas contests.
I really hope I win a meet & greet !

They're heading to South America next!