Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jonas Brothers UK

The three brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick are currently in London promoting their rockumentary Jonas Brothers The 3D Concert Experience but the so-called experience doesn’t end there.

Eldest Jo Bro Kevin explains: “The show is about three guys in a band that are brothers, real big stretch for who we are! It’s really fun, it’s a comedy and it’s really great.

“We have a lot of fun balancing doing the shows, having a normal life and going to school and trying to balance and juggle all those things.

“The big concept through the entire show is keeping it real.”

So, yes, it is Hannah Montana.. with guys. Disney is capitalising on the success of the Montana series by doing it all over again with these three hotties aiming pretty much at the same audience.

Now for the interesting twist, the youngest of the JB pack, Nick, used to date Miley Cyrus and rumours have been rife the pair are back together, something Miley has been denying via Twitter letting her fans know she is still with boyfriend Justin Gaston.

“It makes me sad to think that people out there aren’t friends with THEIR ex bf, because let me tell u it IS possible,” the 16-year-old pop star tweeted.

“Justin and Nick are two very amazing people and they both mean so much to me,” she wrote.

“I love both of them so much, and they are both very dear to my heart. Justin is an amazing person! He can always make me laugh and has a heart of gold.”

And Nick’s response, a sullen: “We’re good friends now and that’s what’s important”.

So the direct competition to Miley’s meal ticket isn’t a problem?

“It’s a little bit different because everyone knows who we are, there’s no alter ego. Hannah Montana is a great show and very very successful.”

Hey everyone!

Today is our last day in London. We are in the middle of another day of press and then we leave in a couple hours for the UK Premiere of our 3D Movie. We are excited to see the fans and also see the movie again.

Thanks for everyone for taking our new song PARANOID up the ITunes Chart today. We woke up and it was the 2nd song on the chart. Hope you love it. Let us know.

We will be heading back tomorrow and then we go on our first South American Tour visiting Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Hope we see you there.

Thanks again for all the support


Kevin, Joe and Nick