Friday, May 1, 2009


Chealsea Staub tweeted to watch E!NEWS AT 7:00 PST


Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown will be co hosted with Chelsea Staub and the Jonas Brothers in preparation for JONAS. It will be Saturday, May 2nd at 7am PT/10am ET and reair on Sunday, May 3rd at 11am PT/2pm ET.

Hey guys! So JONAS is airing tomorrow night!! Yay! There’s going to be a virtual party on I’ll be on at 7 est (4PM for me since I’m in LA) and I’ll be there to talk to all of you. My avatar looks JUST like Macy in her school uniform so you can’t miss me! And Bridget [Note: The real spelling of her name is Bridgit Mendler] will be there too. She plays Penny.

And thanks again for all of your support! I appreciated all of your love regarding that OceanUp post. You guys are the best! I love you!!

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Source: Nicole Anderson’s Myspace

5 things you need for a JONAS party:
With the super-duper mega anticipated premiere of the Jonas Brothers‘ new Disney Channel TV show, JONAS, premiere barely 24 hours away, let’s look at five ways you can celebrate the premiere of the JBs’ very own TV show.

1.) Order SEVERAL pizzas! The idea here’s twofold because pizzas are both delicious (doy!), AND, you can use them as play-along-at-home props for that pizza storyline. Just don’t try to eat and sing “Pizza Girl” at the same time. Also, you get bonus points if you live in Miami and order from Jonas Pizza. Also-also, the Domino’s Pizza Tracker pones. (No, Domino’s didn’t pay me to plug that. I KNOW from personal Panormous experience.)

2.) Make a JONAS milkshake! It’s called the The JoBroChoco (That’s Just the Way They) Shake. Get the recipe, go shopping for ingredients, and watch the step-by-step video. Serves three! (Four if you make a little mini one for Frankie.)

3.) Leading Ladies: Know your JONAS girls! See why Buzzworthy loves (and envies) JONAS co-starlet Nicole Anderson. And, I think Chelsea Staub has a secret twin or an identity crisis.

4.) Know Your Lucases! In the Jonas show, Kevin, Joe, and Nick play guys named Kevin, Joe, and Nick, except their last name is Lucas, their BAND name is JONAS, and they LIVE on Jonas Street. So, other Lucases you should know are Lucas Grabeel, who was in High School Musical(s) and Milk, but you probably already know him. Lucas Cruikshank — he’s the real guy behind YouTube’s Fred Figglehorn. (He also had a guest spot on iCarly — remember the cabbages video?)… And Lucas Secon from “Lucas With the Lid Off.” Oh yeah, Jessica Lucas, who’s on the new Melrose Place. Oddly, she sorta looks like Nicole Anderson. Full circle, people!

5.) FRANKIE! Bonus Jonas in the HOUSE!… The firehouse! Frankie’s going to be co-starring in JONAS, but the Jonas Brothers have freely admitted that Frankie basically steals the show. Do you think Nick is still Frankie’s favorite brother? Check out this awww-dorable photo of Frankie and his big brothers at TRL last August if you need a little scoop of BoJo before the show.

… And there you have it — the five ways I’m celebrating the premiere of JONAS. What kind of Jonas party are you throwing? Besides one that involves Jonas balloons, obviously…

Source: MTV Buzzworthy

Stripped to its core, “Jonas,” the Disney Channel’s new sitcom starring the Jonas brothers, is an efficient delivery system to expand the singing trio’s exposure among barely pubescent girls, thus separating that prized demographic (and their parents) from hard-earned dollars. Those who do not swoon and emit piercing squeals at the sight of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas will still find some amiable charm within this slick packaging, even if it’s nothing that couldn’t be mistaken for “The Monkees” four decades ago.

The series doesn’t really require the brothers to act much, essentially playing slightly tweaked versions of themselves while engaging in a lot of fraternal teasing. That said, they handle their limited chores deftly enough, and each episode will allow them to do what they do best — or are at least known for — namely, adding to their playlist.

The surrounding cast includes their dad/manager (a safely bland John Ducey); a perky gal pal (Chelsea Staub) determined to cash in on their professional popularity at school with grand ideas like tear-away Velcro sleeves; and Macy (Nicole Anderson), a wide-eyed fan/fellow classmate who positively swoons in any of the brothers’ presence. She is, of course, utterly adorable, providing a likable surrogate for those girls whose closest connection to Jonasville will come through a screen or crushing toward a stage.

In the premiere, serious-minded, dreamily intense Nick gets a crush on a girl (guest Bridgit Mendler), which prompts him to write her a song. His brothers join in singing this ditty with him (while she appears, mock musicvideo-like, in angel’s wings), even though they worry about Nick’s tendency to fall too hard, too fast in these situations.

Silliness ensues, from the brothers sliding down bat-poles into their studio (clever) to donning disguises so they can go to a club and watch her sing without disrupting things by attracting undue attention (not so clever).

Basically, “Jonas” reminds us that Disney can still work off the basic template of the Frankie and Annette movies, plugging in fresh talent — crooning slightly different pop tunes — to new generations of girls, whose mothers and grandmothers went through the same hormonal process with the Beatles and Elvis.

By that measure, the Jonas brothers are an inoffensive permutation on the theme, and — unlike plenty of tween-oriented fare — no reason for adults to adopt their own chastity pledge, as the Jonases have famously done. Indeed, watching the show might provide inspiration to immediately try breeding a trio of telegenic boys, if only to establish a nest egg for one’s old age.

Source: Variety