Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Selena Gomez 'beautifully disturbed'

Selena Gomez dished to TWIST about a secret song she's working on for her debut album: 'It's called beautifully disturbed. It's definitely a song that's close.. me because it's a nickname I was given and it's very sweet. It means that sometimes I can be negative like every person can be, but you've got to find
the beauty in that.'

Sel also dished on kissing disasters: 'I've had plenty! You know, when we're in the car a song will come on the radio and we'll be having a nice moment and then we'll bump noses or something!

I remember one time I wore boots and my crush and I were leaning in to
kiss and it was all romantic and then I slipped on my boots! It wasn't fun.'