Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JB Shoot Album Cover in Texas

The Jonas Brothers, international heart-throbs and teen cuties, were in downtown Corsicana Tuesday filming a video, but they took a few minutes out to sing their fans a song, or two.

“Their manager called and asked if they could do a photo shoot, but he didn’t tell me who it was, and I didn’t ask, and they just showed up. I had no idea, I had no idea,” said Jourdan Hollingsworth, co-owner of Caleb’s Diner.

“It was very fun, they were very, very nice people,” Hollingsworth said.

Almost instantly, the news of the famous trio in downtown had attracted a crowd, including dozens of pre-teen fans. One of those was Ireland Francia, 10. She and her mom, Faye Francia, were headed through downtown and saw the crowds, Faye explained.

She asked a bystander what the fuss was about and were told “it’s the Jonas Brothers.”

“They didn’t sign autographs, but they came out and said they’d sing two songs,” Faye said.

Using acoustic guitars, they staged an impromptu concert on a Beaton Street corner.

“They sang S.O.S. and Burning Up,” Ireland Francia said.

It was great to have them come to Corsicana, Faye Francia said. “She (Ireland) has been wanting to go see them in concert so bad.”

Ireland tried to use a cell phone to call her friends, but couldn’t get through. Instead, she’ll have to tell them about it in school.

“I get to show off,” Ireland said.