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JONAS website:

The Jonas Brothers look like they got pelted by flour bombs in this new still from JONAS.

In the upcoming episode “Groovy Movies,” Kevin, Joe and Nick accidentally destroy their family’s home movies, to their mother’s horror, so they enlist Stella’s (Chelsea Staub) help to recreate scenes from their childhood.

The JoBros just launched their official Twitter a few days ago. Are you following them?

“Groovy Movies” airs Saturday, May 9 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

[Source: JJJ]

he Jonas Brothers long-awaited series for the Disney Channel has an airdate — May 2, at 8 p.m.

“JONAS,” which has been in the works since last year, will follow the three brothers — Kevin, Joe and Nick — who will play fictional rock stars trying to live normal lives.

“The true test of artists is their willingness to stretch creatively — to tackle new challenges,” Disney Channels World Wide entertainment president Gary Marsh said in a statement. “The Jonas Brothers, already established as music superstars, have done just that with ‘Jonas’ by stretching beyond their established comfort zone into the world of comedy.”

The show has the three brothers living in a New Jersey home. Though their characters’ last name is Lucas, the band on the show is called Jones, because they live on Jonas St. The live with their parents, and young brother Frankie.

In the opener, Nick Lucas writes a love song for a girl he just met, despite warnings from his brothers that he’s moving too fast. Later, the brothers go to the girl’s concert where she sings the song to another guy.

Production began on the series in September.

Upcoming episodes will have Joe falling for a girl who plays cello in the school orchestra and won’t date a rock star. So he joins the orchestra.

In another, all three have a crush on a pizza delivery girl, so they keep ordering pizzas over and over.

The premiere of “JONAS” will be simulcast on Sprint TV and MobiTV, and available at

It will also be available to Disney On Demand customers April 25.

No surprise, Disney will build a weekend around the lauch, with new episodes of the network’s other shows surrounding the premiere.

May 2 will include a rerun of “Camp Rock,” starring the brothers at 11 a.m., leading into a 15-episode marathon of “Hannah Montana.” “Jonas” will air at 8, followed by a new episode of the “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Disney is putting a lot of effort behind the launch of “JONAS” and for good reason.

The Jonas Brothers are everywhere, including award shows and their pictures are plastered on the walls of tweens everywhere.

Likewise, besides “JONAS,” the brothers will be in the sequal to “Camp Rock,” expected to film this summer.

Yet, with any massive group, there’s always the question of how big can they get.

Joe Jonas told the Daily News last summer that the brothers do talk about their audience, and what may happen down the road.

“That’s one of the things, being in a band - we wonder when our fan base’s going to stop caring. When are they going to get over us?” he said. “At the same time, our fans are going along for the ride with us.”

Source: NY Daily News, JonasHQ

We are excited to announce this weeks AMAZING prize for our very own FanFamily project! So far, we have received over 500 YouTube Jonas Commercials! You guys are amazing. The top 20 videos with the most views will receive OFFICIAL JONAS TV SWAG! Remember, all videos have to be posted by Friday, April 10th at midnight PST.

Keep up the great work!

Team FFE

In response to the overwhelmingly successful launch of the Nike / Kanye West collab, Air Yeezy, our buddies over at mtvU have put in some calls (wink, wink) to the U.S. patent office and gotten the early buzz on some upcoming celebrity sneaker designs. Among them is the “J-Threezy,” a Jonas Brothers model that they describe this way:

Sensible. Fashionable. Parent-approved. The J-Threezy teaches the young active male what older siblings and dads never could: girls pay attention to your shoes. The Brothers Jonas know this. Get these and then invest in a keeping-away stick.

Your sarcasm doesn’t go unappreciated, mtvU, but we’ve already seen custom JoBro watches, t-shirts and even milkshakes. And remember those Tokio Hotel shoes? Maybe this doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! Maybe one day we could really all take a walk in the Jonas Brothers’ sh – Wait! That’s way too cliche! I take it back! What I meant to say was, how much would you pay for a pair of custom JoBros? And what do you think they would look like? Can shoes wear vests? You’re the experts. Weigh in!
[Source: MTV Buzzworthy]

ey Team Jonas!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some amazing things that you’ll all be getting to see soon (we hope!), and we wanted to check in and let you know all about them. First of all, thank you all again for your continued support. We are so grateful for it, and you mean the world to us!

So we’ve been working on putting together an amazing tour for you guys, and we hope you’ll love it. We’ve gotten great feedback from you on our last tours, and have really tried to make sure you’ll have a great time on this one, our biggest yet. No matter where you are in the arena, or in the world, we will look for you and count on your support. We can’t wait to see you in the crowds!!

Secondly, we are really excited about our new Disney Channel show, JONAS. We play three brothers in a band that are trying to lead a semi-normal life (sounds familiar…?), while surrounded by a great cast of family and friends, including lots of familiar faces. It’s been a blast filming these episodes, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Make sure to tune in on May 2nd for the premiere!

Finally, welcome to all the new Team Jonas members around the world, and to all the 2008 members, welcome back! Thanks again for all that you do for us. We never forget it. More soon!

Kevin, Joe and Nick

Jonas Saynow fan callback: