Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey everyone!

It has been a very busy few weeks. Thanks for all the comments and support. We read your comments everyday and look forward to reading everything.


We completed filming of our TV show, JONAS. We are all so excited about the premiere of the show on the Disney Channel on MAY 2ND. We can’t wait for you to see it. Hope you like it. It is so funny and there is tons of new music. Even Frankie and Big Rob are in the show.


Tickets for our summer tour are on sale now. Many shows have already sold out across the nation. We are working on our new stage and it is going to be amazing. We hope you love the show. We are also excited to go out on the tour with our good friends JORDIN SPARKS and HONOR SOCIETY.


We are busy putting the final touches on our new CD. We have never been more excited to share new music with the world. The new CD comes out around the world on JUNE 15TH. There are so many new sounds and styles.

We will be taking a break soon but updating you on a regular basis. Keep checking in.


Kevin, Joe and Nick

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MTV with Alyson Stoner:
“We have no idea who is coming back,” Stoner told MTV News. “We hope that it’s the same group of people, ’cause we click so well, and I know once we get up to Canada again in the fall, it’s going to be showtime and we’re gonna put on the best performances we’ve ever done in our lives for everyone.”

Stoner is sure teen heartthrobs the Jonas Brothers will be back to make girls swoon for the sequel to the hit Disney Channel flick. And we figured that since she got to work with the guys so intimately on the first “Camp Rock,” she must know something about them the rest of us don’t already know.

“Well, I feel like by now, the Jonases are open books. Everyone knows everything about them — more than I do,” she said.

But she did manage to sum up the guys’ best traits for MTV News. “I’d say Nick is very passionate and focused and driven,” she said. “And Joe is a free sprit, but he’s also very supportive when you need him there as a friend and brother. And Kevin is so gentlemanly and so respectful of everyone’s privacy, or when they need something to happen, he gets right on it. And I admire them and respect them so much.”

Stoner also admires their youngest brother, Frankie “Bonus” Jonas, who could be getting in on the act once “Camp Rock 2″ starts production. “He deserves it,” she said of the rumors that he might join the cast. “He works just as hard as the boys do.”

And Stoner insists that they are a hardworking bunch. “People think they’re living the life, but behind the camera and behind the scenes, they’re at work 24/7,” she said. “And if Frankie joins ‘Camp Rock 2,’ by all means, let him steal the show, ’cause he’s awesome. He’s a great little kid.”