Friday, April 3, 2009

JONAS / Jonas Carpet Bid / Nickssimplewins contest

Hey everyone!

Mark your calendars! Our new show, JONAS, will be coming to the Disney Channel Saturday, May 2nd at 8:00 p.m. We can’t wait for you to see it! Check out our JONAS TV site and don’t forget to check out for more details on SERIES LAUNCH PARTIES, fun weekly projects, and exclusive photos!

We are so excited for this year! Our 3D movie was awesome, our new TV series is coming out NEXT MONTH and tickets for our 2009 WORLD TOUR are now available. Click below to get your tickets now!

Thanks for helping us live our dream!

Kevin, Joe and Nick

JONAS will be available Saturday, April 25 via Disney Channel on Demand,
will officially premiere on Saturday, May 2 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Disney Channel has selected May 2 as the start date for JONAS, the new series starring brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. The three young men play the fictional Lucas brothers, musicians who attend Horace Mantis Academy when they are not on tour as the group JONAS (in the series, the brothers live on Jonas Street, the inspiration for their band name). JONAS was created by Roger S.H. Schulman and Michael Curtis (Phil of the Future)

Interesting…I can see Stella as Keely, and Joe as Phil.

Teen sensation rockers the Jonas Brothers are branching out into TV comedy!

Kevin, Joe and Nick will star in “JONAS,” which “follows the fictional Lucas Brothers through the unexpected, unpredictable and often absurd situations that confront these rock and roll superstar brothers as they try to live ordinary lives,” the Disney Channel announced in a press release.

The famous brothers will join fellow young stars Chelsea Staub ( “Minutemen”), Nicole Anderson (”Hannah Montana”), John Ducey (”Will and Grace”) and Rebecca Creskoff (”Mad Men”) in the series, which will feature original Jonas Brothers songs created specifically for the show.

In the premiere episode of “JONAS,” Nick Lucas writes a love song for a girl he’s just met — a fellow student and aspiring singer — despite warnings from Kevin and Joe that he’s moving too fast with his new crush. Then, the brothers attend the girl’s first gig, where she sings the love song to another boy.

JB will also perform for The Today Show Summer Concert Series on June 19.

JONAS billboard


On the Nick’s Simple Wins site, they will be having an upcoming contest which has to deal with expressing your creativity. It will most likely be for fans who are diabetic. The logo where it says “Meet Nick” is in the Camp Rock style, so maybe it might have to deal with something with music, art, or acting? You can view it by clicking here, details and information will be added soon. [From Jessica B.]