Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miley Cyrus on GMA/ HMTM Theater Invasion/ Favorite THings

"Butterfly Fly Away"
This is such a sweet song(:

"The Climb"

"See You Again"


she won't be coming to a small town in southern california, when she'll be going to LA :( but i'm going opening day anyway !

Cake batter ice cream, bedazzled license plate, John Lennon, etc. Press conference details: How close to reality is the story of the movie with balancing the real Miley and the Hannah Montana persona? I feel like it's just important for me to explain the reality of the movie, because as it's shown in the TV show.

It's not realistic for this double act to work, and it can't work. Anyone over the age of 14 is going to understand that, and we needed to prove that in the movie that there is something special about the Hannah Montana life.

And it's not that it's real but it's that it's this fantasy, that's it's of Superman to girls. It's the cape, it's the wig, that thing that makes you so fabulous, because all of a sudden your life is all of a sudden changed but it's important to grow up and..

..important to show everyone that we understand as producers and as an
actress that it's not realistic. Do you wish that you could have that persona
like Hannah Montana has where you could be completely away from the paparazzi and be Miley Cyrus in private?

I think that would be fun every once in a while, but for me, just being myself is what I love. If I ever had to change and become someone else to live this life, I probably would want to go home and just stay home, because I just feel like when you love what your job is, this is so much more than a job for me.

It really is my life, but it's not everything I eat, sleep and breathe. I love it and when I'm working it's the best thing ever, and music is my number one passion, and I love making movies. But you can't let it completely control you, because..

..otherwise you are just a puppet on strings, and you don't have any of that reality anymore. If you had that real persona, you don't know who you are anymore. So it's just about still knowing who you are.