Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Miley & Emily "Imagine"/ Taylor & Abigail "We're Just Two Cowgirls"

Miley Cyrus has recorded a cover version of John Lennon's peace anthem Imagine as a duet with Hannah Montana: The Movie costar Emily Osment
after they bonded on the set through their love of the Beatles legend.

Miley told Moviefone: 'I'm just a huge John Lennon fan. I studied him in school, and just watched the movie Chapter 27 (which depicts his murder). We (Miley and Emily) did a duet of Imagine, in the studio.'

She did not reveal when the song will be released: 'I don't think the music you produce has to be the the music you listen to. I like singing pop music, and I like dancing. And you can't really dance a lot to rock and roll. I like Nirvana.
I really like Radiohead. I really love the Beatles.'